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Raymond C. Niles

Celebrate Entrepreneurs, Don’t Guillotine Them

“The key to getting wealthy in a capitalistic society is to produce something so valuable that millions of people want to trade for it.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


What is Money?
Alexander W. Salter

Where Does Money Come From?

“Money makes possible an incredible amount of interpersonal coordination in the market. Rules of private property and contract, of various kinds, predate money. But widespread market integration and economic growth only result when there is a critical mass of people in a single commercial network linked by money.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Alan Reynolds

What Raised the S&P 500 Price-Earnings Ratio?

“For those who find stock price gains inexplicable and therefore terrifying, the Yardeni-Reynolds Model offers a purely empirical explanation of a seemingly high trailing P/E ratio – extremely low global inflation and bond yields combined with an artificially low P/E denominator of past earnings that includes the terrible second quarter of 2020.” ~ Alan Reynolds


nancy pelosi
Ethan Yang

Nancy Pelosi and Her Hair Salon

“Freedom for me, but not for thee seems to be the recurring theme here. Everyday Americans have seen their jobs and their lives stripped at the stroke of a pen. America’s once proud and industrious spirit has been overshadowed by one of fear, insanity, and vitriol. Yet those who are responsible for all of this not only thrive but step on those who try to speak out.” ~ Ethan Yang


Jeffrey Tucker

The Melbourne Syndrome

“It should be called the “Melbourne” Syndrome because Melbourne has now implemented the hardest and longest lockdown at the hands of one of the most far-left and incompetent political leaders in the world, a leader who nevertheless retains high approval ratings, within a state in which the coronavirus issue went from benign to statistically explosive (although the death rate is still near invisible at something like 0.002% per head of population).” ~ Steven Kates


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