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Peter C. Earle

The Politicization of Obesity

“Obesity is an undeniable public health problem, but increasingly interventionist policies are amplifying the negative externalities.” ~ Peter C. Earle


harvard building
Jay Schalin

The Unintended Disruption of the Ivory Tower

“Whatever innovations and changes arise from the current chaos, it is very likely that higher education will not look the same as it did before 2020. Given current intellectual trends that elevate social justice above the pursuit of truth and higher education’s tremendous waste of resources (including the economy-crushing delay of adulthood), that may be for the best.” ~ Jay Schalin


Robert Hughes

Payrolls Gains Decelerated Again, Sustaining Concerns about Recovery

More than 10 million payroll jobs remain lost following government shutdowns; while payrolls have been recovering somewhat, the outlook remains extremely uncertain.


Stephen Miller

An Experiment in Self-Governance

“This semester, millions of college students are unfortunately going to face a test that is far more important than any exam, assignment, or project that they will ever get in any of their classes. This is the test of self-governance. Are they capable of governing themselves and acting responsibly? Or do they still require a guiding hand to tell them what to do? We believe college students deserve a chance to try.” ~ Stephen C. Miller & David Hebert


golden gate bridge
William J. Luther

The Myth of the Crowding-Out Myth

“Recognizing that private investment usually works better than public investment does not mean that public investment is never desirable. But it does put the burden of proof on those who champion public investment projects. Rather than offering faux refutations of the crowding-out argument and citing anecdotal evidence, as Skidelsky does, those in favor of a public investment project should make the case for why it is desirable.” ~ William J. Luther & Nicolás Cachanosky


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