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Robert Hughes

August Manufacturing-Sector Survey Suggests Slow Growth and Less Intense Price Pressures

“The latest manufacturing survey suggests modest expansion and significantly less-intense price pressures. Persistently elevated price increases and an intensifying Fed policy tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Chris Surprenant

Should We Eliminate the Involuntary Servitude Exception?

“Any change like this costs political capital, and so we should only push for changes that are likely to have real impact, especially since there is so much that needs to be done to achieve meaningful criminal justice reform in the United States.” ~ Chris W. Surprenant


Jon Sanders

Which Lasts Longer, Spike Proteins or CDC ‘Facts?’

“The constant churn of revisions leaves us with many questions, when the whole point of producing a page entitled ‘Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines’ was to prevent such a thing. They are, unfortunately, very big questions.” ~ Jon Sanders


Peter Jacobsen

Why Warner Bros. Sunk Batgirl

“The company likely believes the cost is greater than the benefit. And given the recent track record of DC movies, I don’t doubt they’re right.” ~ Peter Jacobsen


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