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Peter C. Earle

Hurricane Ida Threatens Global Plastic Markets

“Of the many industries which have been strained to the limit of their capacity over the last eighteen months, few have struggled as mightily as the resins and plastics sector.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Robert E. Wright

Incremental or Radical Policy Reform?

“Incrementalists and radical advocates of liberty should not joust each other too much because they face a formidable common enemy, paternalistic statists who assume, rather than establish, the superiority of top-down, one-size-fits-all government ‘solutions’ to individual problems.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Gilbert Berdine

COVID-19 Vaccines and the Delta Variant

“Government agencies should be studying North Dakota to see what they are doing right and Hawaii to see what they are doing wrong, because the answers are not vaccination rates.” ~ Gilbert G. Berdine


Joakim Book

The Five Transitions to Modernity

“We don’t know what the future brings, but to have a clue about the past and the present, Vaclav Smil is an invaluable guide.” ~ Joakim Book


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