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Jeffrey Tucker

King Canute and the Virus Tide

“I doubt seriously that our arrogant rulers intended to teach the lesson that King Canute taught his subjects. But teach they have, nonetheless.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Drop Below One Million

Initial claims for unemployment benefits fell in the latest week but unemployment remains very high, suggesting complete economic recovery may be a long way off.



Consequences of Lockdowns: The Case of Maine

“The evidence available in March suggested the vast majority of people would not suffer severe illness from the virus. This should have led state leaders to focus limited resources on protecting the most vulnerable in society. However Gov. Mills opted to shut down the entire state.” ~ AIER Staff


berlin wall
Fiona Harrigan

On This Day, The Berlin Wall Began to Rise

“Modern Germany is deceptively unified––so much so that it has become easy to relegate the cautionary tale of the GDR to the history books. But the ideology that gave rise to the Berlin Wall persists around the world. For as happily as we celebrate the day it came down, the day it rose must always stand as a testament to how easily freedom can fall victim to absolutism.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


pick pocket
Raymond C. Niles

The Art of the Shakedown

“Looking ahead to a more authoritarian future, will old-fashioned lobbying be enough to secure a measure of business freedom any more? What new steps will businesses need to take in the future to protect themselves from presidents who, instead of the Art of the Deal, prefer the Art of the Shakedown?” ~ Raymond C. Niles


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