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Edward Stringham

Tech Giants: Friends or Enemies? (Video)

“The trouble with the tech giants is not their size, I argued in this appearance, on BBC World News, but their treatment of customer privacy and collusion with political forces for their own gain. A free market needs big business, but those businesses need not be evil.” ~ Edward Peter Stringham


Robert Hughes

How Did Spending on Health Care Plunge During a Pandemic?

It may seem odd that health care spending could plunge during a pandemic, but the health care industry was subject to the same closure mandates as other industries; the results were also the same.


Ben Bernanke
Thomas L. Hogan

Long-Discredited Positions on the Monetary System

“Considering the evidence, it appears to be Mr. Rattner, rather than Ms. Shelton, who holds “long-discredited positions on the monetary system.” Historical bank failures and crises, particularly during the Great Depression, are generally attributable to interference by regulators and central bankers, not to the gold standard.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


fed building dc
James L. Caton

Inflation, Credit Allocation, and the Fed

“At the behest of Congress, the Fed has opened new facilities far afield of its traditional mandate. There is still some risk that the Fed will lose control and inflation will get out of hand. But there is a much bigger risk that the Fed will misallocate credit, reducing long run economic growth in the process.” ~ James L. Caton


Phillip W. Magness

How FDR Killed Federal Anti-Lynching Legislation

“Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor publicly signaled her support for the measure, but the president himself remained silent and declined to spend his political capital on securing the bill at a time when the legislative success of the New Deal economic agenda depended on southern Democrats. After a complex succession of parliamentary maneuvers in the Senate the measure was effectively sidelined in exchange for the southerners dropping their filibuster, which had also unintentionally impeded the New Deal farm relief bill at the top of the president’s legislative agenda.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Jeffrey Tucker

The Virus Doesn’t Care about Your Policies

“If there is a broad-based research study using real data that demonstrates something life-saving about destroying rights and liberties in the name of virus control, I’ve yet to see it. Meanwhile, we are overwhelmed with evidence that it was all pointlessly destructive.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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