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Robert Hughes

Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Suggest Labor Market Recovery is Faltering

Initial claims for unemployment benefits rose again, suggesting the emerging recovery may be at risk.


Robert Hughes

U.S. Economy Posts Record Decline During Lockdowns

The U.S. economy suffered a historic contraction in the second quarter. Uncertainty, confusion, and risk aversion among consumers and businesses may put the recovery at risk.


Michael Munger

Government, Govern Thyself

“Most people seem to think that the problem with government power is that the wrong people are in office. That’s not right; the problem is that we want to rely on a physician who suffers an illness that cannot be cured.” ~ Michael Munger


Taleed Brown

The Worst Policy Decision in American History (Video)

For the last 5 months, Americans have been bullied and punished by political elites who decided in their wisdom, to mask us, take away our jobs, depress our economic prospects, order us indoors and fine us, if we dare not comply.


fauci white house
Ethan Yang

Should Dr. Fauci Be the Economic Czar?

“Much like how the response to COVID-19 requires understanding and input from a variety of perspectives, the same goes for economic policy. Dr. Fauci and public health experts like him have more than a right to voice their opinions on the economy. Whether or not we should take them seriously is another question entirely.” ~ Ethan Yang


beware of everything
Diana Thomas

Evolutionary Failure: When Mass Psychology is like a Negative Technology Shock

“This general acceptance of a fear of others that separates us from each other exacerbates all our worst proclivities and maximizes the economic destruction of the pandemic. We need to return to a robust market to preserve the division of labor. Perhaps you think this is an exaggeration, and we hope you are right, but we also hope you will join us in asking for some moderation in the panic around the new virus.” Diana & Michael Thomas


fed facade
Alexander W. Salter

The Federal Reserve Is Both Too Politicized and Too Powerful

“If we don’t want history to remember COVID-19 as the event that cemented political control over monetary policy, we need to act soon. The Fed’s emergency programs must be halted and eventually retired; its balance sheet must shrink to pre-crisis levels; and Congress must cease directing the Fed to engage in fiscal policy, even amidst extraordinary economic turmoil.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


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