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David Hebert

When the President Does It, It’s Not Illegal

“Governments can find ways to serve their constituents (i.e. the taxpayers) better for the price they charge, they can lower their prices, or they can collude with others in the industry to keep prices high and quality low. Unlike businesses, however, when governments choose the third option, they are celebrated as heroes.” ~ David Hebert


Daniel Klein

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Call Leftists “Liberal”

“If we are to stand up for liberal civilization, we must first appreciate the great arc of liberalism—that is, the development of liberalism, beginning, say, with the printing press in the fifteenth century and its subsequent ups and downs, and across liberal civilization, not just the American scene.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Joakim Book

The Asymmetry of Bitcoin Scams Is All Very Sad

“When losses come from risk-taking for which you stood to benefit, it’s not sad if you happened to lose. That was a possible outcome, and whether you properly understood it or not is beside the point. With Skin in the Game, there’s nothing sad about making losses.” ~ Joakim Book


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