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Robert Hughes

Housing Continues to Crumble

“Existing-home sales fell again in June with record-high prices and surging mortgage rates continuing to reduce affordability and push buyers out of the market. The outlook for housing is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Caleb Fuller


“A renewed examination of the most basic economics—the theory of the good—might yet generate a revolutionary micro-microeconomics.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Kate Wand

What Is Going On In Sri Lanka? (Video)

“Sri Lankans can no longer afford necessities such as food, fuel, and medicine, and citizens are protesting throughout the nation. Kate Wand, host of AIER’s Liberty Curious podcast, discusses the ongoing crisis.” ~ AIER


Peter Calcagno

The Fed’s Share of Public Debt: Worsening Withdrawal Symptoms?

“Can Congress quit the Fed’s easy money policy that has allowed them to push debt levels well above 100% of GDP, or will the addiction demand more QE to support Washington’s spending habit?” ~ Peter T. Calcagno & Edward J. Lopez


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