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Richard M. Ebeling

Under Biden Free Enterprise Means Government Control

“If Joe Biden’s Executive Order is fully implemented we will be that much closer to a comprehensively managed economy, with nothing done by any private enterprise free from the intrusive hand of government. Welcome to President Biden’s Orwellian newspeak – ‘freedom of enterprise’ really means ‘government control of business.'” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


James Bovard

The “Honest History” Fraud

“The best lesson young Americans could receive from studying history is a radical skepticism of officialdom and all its hokum. Virtue signaling is no substitute for learning how to defend one’s rights and liberties.” ~ James Bovard


Ethan Yang

Can the Biden Administration Censor the Internet Through Private Companies?

“Statements from the White House suggesting that social media companies should do more to police ‘misinformation’ are concerning. Our government has lost any credibility to not only be trusted with the responsible use of power but also to be a reliable moderator of public health discourse or any conversation for that matter.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

Housing Starts Rise but Permits Fall as Pandemic Pressures Continue to Unwind

“Home construction activity showed further signs of cooling in June. The combination of a reopening economy that may be reversing pandemic-related housing preferences and rising single-family home prices appear to be dampening demand while labor difficulties restrain supply.” – Robert Hughes


Wallace Kaufman

Sacred Is as Sacred Sells

“While a precise value of sacred claims that stop mining or pipelines cannot be assigned, the impact of successful claims can certainly be measured in the value of lost jobs, higher prices for less abundant materials like lithium, delays and costs in slowing global warming.” ~ Wallace Kaufman


Robert Mulligan

Understanding the Covid-19 Recession

“National debt ballooned together with the Fed’s balance sheet even before the pandemic hit, and once it did we’ve been spending with unprecedented recklessness for relief, recovery, and even supposed infrastructure expansion. Spending this wealth that has yet to be created guarantees, not just future inflation, but a future recession.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


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