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Phillip W. Magness

Did the US Lockdown Too Late and Open Too Soon?

“The U.S. imposed lockdowns at the same time as Europe, did so with comparable levels of stringency, and actually reopened at a later date and slower pace than most European nations.” ~ Phil Magness


fda building
Arthur Diamond

Free to Choose: Human Challenge Trials for Vaccines

“Libertarians believe that adults should be free to choose large risks in the pursuit of adventures like free diving, extreme skiing, and space exploration. The case is all the stronger that adults should be free to choose smaller risks in the pursuit of stopping COVID-19.” ~ Arthur M. Diamond Jr.


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Ethan Yang

The Epistemic Burden of Politics

“In the pursuit of a more perfect union and better decision-making, we should begin to contemplate the epistemic limits of government. To inquire into the limits of knowledge acquisition and understanding. To what extent can those at the individual, local, state, and federal level act with an adequate understanding of the consequences of their actions and the needs of those they govern?” ~ Ethan Yang


modern city
Stephen Davies

Is ‘Capitalism’ Modern?

“Capitalism in this account is not truly modern, inasmuch as something we can describe with that word has existed repeatedly in history. It has usually come to a bad end, because of the way private wealth and fear of losing it has interacted with predatory power, but in the modern world we have avoided that. Only so far however, which is why we must be constantly in campaign mode to keep the show on the road.” ~ Stephen Davies


home schooling, busy
Fiona Harrigan

This Pandemic Is Not Homeschooling’s Moment

“Proponents of alternative education would be wise to reflect on their praise of America’s forced experiment in ‘homeschooling.’ Because while this experience may compel some parents to keep their kids at home, there will be millions of students who return to physical schools with nothing but disenchantment with a system that may have held all their answers.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


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