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Gary Galles

Should Anything be Prohibited in a Free Society?

“Leonard Read laid out the massive chasm between the few prohibitions—of what we all agree is wrong—necessary to liberty and the panoply of prohibitions already part and parcel of imposed collectivism over a half-century ago. But their exponential expansion under the banner of Covid has multiplied that gap, making the issue even more important.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Joakim Book

The Times May Be A-Changing, But Which Times Changed the Most?

“Ultimately, Mortimer opts for the twentieth century as the century when the West saw the greatest change. This is a defensible conclusion, but it doesn’t matter much: the value of his intellectual exercise isn’t his closing note, but the meandering path he takes to get there.” ~ Joakim Book


Art Carden

The Devil Is in the Details and the Definitions: Education Defined in the Process of Its Emergence

“The place of CRT in the curriculum is better settled by the peaceful conversations that happen in markets rather than in rowdy public meetings. Instead of trying to plan what people should know from the top-down, it would be far better to loosen their bonds and see what emerges from the bottom up.” ~ Art Carden


Alexander W. Salter

Enough About Interest Rates!

“We need to change the public conversation surrounding monetary policy. Talking about the Fed’s activities in terms of interest rates is easy, but deeply flawed. It is better to keep an eye on more relevant variables, like the overall size of the balance sheet.” ~ Alexander William Salter


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