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Amelia Janaskie

The Truth about Excess Deaths

“Ultimately, these early findings reinforce the core difficulty that policy planners face. Planners can never know enough to plan for every eventuality, nor can they accurately predict what their plans will actually do. As a result, plans often end up based on a ‘pretense of knowledge’ rather than real-world evidence or understanding.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Ryan M. Yonk


William J. Luther

Remembering Steve Horwitz

“It is difficult to think about the world getting better and better when dealing with the loss of a friend. But I am sure Steve would continue to insist that it is. Deep down, I know he is right. Indeed, it has never been easier to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away—to watch them, hear them, read their words, or build on their ideas.” ~ William J. Luther


Barry Brownstein

Censorship Kills

“In 1644 John Milton wrote, ‘He who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.’ Today, acknowledge the destructive consequences of censorship. Speak out now or we risk allowing Big Tech’s algorithms and community guidelines to continue to destroy reason, hinder science, and undermine hope for humanity.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Thomas L. Hogan

Is Inflation Below the Fed’s Target? Yes and No.

“Adjusting for oil and auto prices puts the rate of inflation below the Fed’s 2 percent average target rate. Still, high rates of NGDP growth and mounting bank reserves should cause Fed officials to be leery of high inflation going forward.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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