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Robert Hughes

Inflation Fears Continue to Drag Consumer Expectations Lower

“Consumer expectations sank again in June, as fears of high inflation grow. Elevated price pressures, fallout from Russian aggression in Ukraine, and an intensifying Fed tightening cycle increase risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


John Staddon

Fact vs. Faith: Science in an Age of Unreason

“Critical research has itself become taboo which, in turn, means that policy makers are making decisions based more on ideologically-driven political pressure than scientific fact.” ~ John Staddon


Caleb Fuller

Studying Economics Instills Gratitude

“Grateful hearts want to see the sort of prosperity they have enjoyed extended to others near and far. Fortunately, economics also offers the prosperity recipe—if only we have ears to listen.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Donald J. Boudreaux

More On Nancy MacLean’s Egregious ‘Scholarship’

“MacLean continues to tell fantastically false fables about prominent classical-liberal scholars, many of whom are now dead and, hence, unable to defend themselves from being falsely portrayed by MacLean as cartoonish villains.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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