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Robert Hughes

Existing Home Sales Fell to the Lowest Level Since June 2020

“Existing-home sales fell again in May with record-high prices and surging mortgage rates continuing to reduce affordability and push buyers out of the market. The outlook for housing is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Garion Frankel

What Are Philosophers of Education Even Talking About?

“Let’s make something clear: A third grade teacher who is struggling to teach more than twenty children, many of whom likely have behavioral problems, how to do math couldn’t care less about posthuman eating.” ~ Garion Frankel


Vincent Geloso

The Ripples of Government Intervention

“When someone says ‘what could go wrong’ after proposing a policy intervention, the reply should be ‘a lot that we will only comprehend many years from now.’ The damaging ripples of government intervention may be very far in the future – it does not mean they do not exist.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Theodore Dalrymple

The Oikophobic Will to Power

“What the oikophobe wants is power within his own country, and oikophobia is an instrument to achieve it by delegitimizing those he thinks already have it. He wants to replace one ruling class, as he sees it, with another – his own.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple


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