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ambulance, person
Ethan Yang

Was Governor Cuomo Responsible for the Death of Thousands of Nursing Home Inhabitants?

“Ordering 4,500 COVID-19 patients to be transferred from hospitals to the most vulnerable populations in the state was perhaps the worst decision during the entire pandemic.” ~ Ethan Yang


I'm sorry
Jeffrey Tucker

At Least Some Politicians Admit Error (Sort of)

“Government officials are loath to admit error on any actions much less incompetence in any area of life, even when their actions have impoverished and destroyed the lives of millions.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


fed building, new york, flag
Thomas L. Hogan

The Fed Is Not Independent, But It Should Be

“To be an effective central bank, the Fed must strive to remain independent of short-term political influence. A strict separation of monetary and fiscal policies helps bolster central bank independence.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


chess board
Art Carden

Managing the Chessboard of Human Society: Lessons from the Online Chessboard

” It seems reasonable that we will never actually master every possible detail of chess, Monopoly, and other games. If games that happen within very well-defined spaces according to very well-defined rules present such insurmountable difficulties, I’m definitely skeptical of the notion that we can design and control a great society.” ~ Art Carden


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