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Robert Hughes

Retail Sales and Industrial Production Rise in May; Consumer Sentiment Falls in Early June

Gains in retail sales and industrial production in May are a positive for the economy, but trade wars are impacting consumer attitudes and represent a threat to the economic outlook.


Phillip W. Magness

New Evidence that Soaring Inequality is a Myth

Alarmists insist inequality is skyrocketing in the United States. A new measure of the top one percent’s wealth should temper that claim


William J. Luther

Bernie Sanders’s Messed Up Idea of Requiring Employee Ownership

Efforts to change the composition of payments to employees, like those suggested by Sanders and championed by many on the left, are likely to leave the intended beneficiaries worse off. Such a policy means workers must choose between holding an under-diversified portfolio or incurring higher costs to achieve the appropriate mix of assets given their unique circumstances.


Veronique de Rugy

Incredibly, that Overtime Regulation Is Back

The administration’s lack of principles opens wide the door for the Democrats in Congress not only to introduce an overtime bill that goes far beyond the Trump rule but also beyond even the Obama ceiling. And as expected, they just jump at the chance to do just that.


Raymond C. Niles

The Constitution Gives the Trade Power to Congress Alone

Because this is a tool the president can actually use — and because it bypasses the much more difficult task of having to persuade Congress of the merits of his ideas — Trump is using the tariff weapon more and more to address matters further and further removed from trade.


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