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money, federal reserve
William J. Luther

How the Federal Reserve Literally Makes Money

“The Fed is spending up to US$2.3 trillion to help save the U.S. economy from the coronavirus recession. But where does all that money come from?” ~ William J. Luther


Robert Hughes

Labor Market on the Mend as Lockdowns Ease

Continued slowing of initial claims and a drop in unemployment are among the signs the economy may be bottoming and setting the stage for recovery.


house, light, hands
James Bovard

Free Down Payments and Subsidized Mortgages are Not Social Justice

“Despite 50 years of debacles, politicians are still glorified for pretending that free downpayments and subsidized mortgages are “magic beans” that multiply social justice in America.” ~ James Bovard


shenanigans, a pub
Robert E. Wright

It Is Time To Call Shenanigans!

“If scientists truly knew nothing about SARS-COV-2 then they should have advocated doing nothing until it was well enough understood to proffer effective policies lest they inadvertently contribute to its spread.” ~ Robert Wright


Keep the Fed Out of Municipal Finance
Thomas L. Hogan

Keep the Fed Out of Municipal Finance

“Chairman Powell should follow the advice of his predecessors. With the program still in its infancy and economic recovery already underway, now is the time to end the MLF in order to preserve the Fed’s independence, maintain the separation between fiscal and monetary policy, and deter additional calls for municipal bailouts in the future.” ~ Thomas Hogan


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