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Go back to normal life
Jeffrey Tucker

World Health Organization Walks Back Claim about Asymptomatic Spread

“It’s long past time to stop this pretend game. Go back to normal life. Let science take its course. And above all else, allow medical professionals to do their work without the reckless and dangerous assistance from politicians who seem to know less about disease mitigation than everyone else.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

More Glimmers of Hope As Recession Becomes Official

A rebound in small-business confidence and possible stabilization in retail spending as restrictions are lifted provide hope for a quick end to the newly declared recession of 2020.


Peter C. Earle

Negative Interest Rates Explained

“If policy does not moderate and if investors are unable to innovate means to protect their positions from these policies, as they often have in the past, the current fiscal and monetary regime places the globe at risk of, at worst, financial catastrophe and, at best, stagnation.”~James L. Caton, Peter C. Earle, William J. Luther


Diana Thomas

Masking Kids: Safety without Efficacy

“It is time to look beyond the symbolic measures we are taking to protect ourselves from the virus, and to start thinking about the costs and benefits of schools reopening more realistically. Come fall, schools should be open without any extreme social distancing measures in place.” Michael Thomas and Diana Thomas


Phillip W. Magness

Professor Lockdown Now Claims to Have Saved 3.1 Million Lives

“Whether used by Imperial College or Trump, this line of argument falters as social science because it assumes the validity of the very same forecast it purports to demonstrate. Rather than testing the causal inference that lockdowns reduced the COVID death rate, it takes their own forecasted death rate as a given and then purports to calculate the number of lives saved by simple subtraction from its own model.” ~ Phil Magness


Joakim Book

The Environmentalist’s Dream Came True

“The environmentalists had a field day during the corona pandemic. The anti-human policies they have called for, protested for, disrupted societies and other people’s lives for, were suddenly implemented en masse, albeit on a temporary basis. Think of it as a trial for green policies.” ~ Joakim Book


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