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John Tamny

Contra Emotional Alarmism, ‘Global Warming’ Doesn’t Threaten Las Vegas

“It’s seemingly lost on the Times columnist that smart as he may be, his knowledge is nano of trillions of nanos relative to the marketplace. In other words, what has Egan in the fetal position is, if an actual threat, already priced. Investors and people have moved on, and are moving their wealth and talents to what Egan claims is doomed. The joke is on Egan, and his ‘theories.'” ~ John Tamny


Ethan Yang

A Conversation on Scientific Censorship in Canada

“Dr. Patrick Phillips, an outspoken physician based in Ontario, Canada joins the Authors Corner to discuss the unprecedented damage extended lockdowns from regional authorities have had on academic truth, mental health and the credibility of medical institutionalism.” ~ AIER


Gunther Schnabl

Argentina’s Creative Approaches to Debt Write Offs

“Whereas some private vulture funds found brutal means to achieve full repayment on their assets, international public institutions such as the IMF were repeatedly willing to take over the risk. This leniency may be due to the fact that the international taxpayers seem unaware of the burdens. It has to be seen which strategies will be observed in the future in the industrialized countries.” ~ Gunther Schnabl & Nils Sonnenberg


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