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Jeffrey Tucker

Will the Politicians Admit Their Lockdown Mistake?

“Was this a mistake? Yes. It’s time to admit it. There ought to be acts of contrition from the political class and the modelers who advised them, in which they loudly and earnestly declare that they are heartily sorry for their sins, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert E. Wright

The Danger of Economic Mismatches During the Opening

With the air cleared and those who initiated the Great Suppression that created a Say’s Mismatch duly chastened, or chased out of office, America’s innovators might have enough confidence to match new consumer demands with new investments in new products designed for a post-COVID world. ~ Robert Wright



AIER 2019 Annual Report

These are extraordinary times of activity and growth for the American Institute for Economic Research. AIER was founded in 1933, a time of crisis for the United States, in order to bring calm, research, and intelligence to understanding the world around us. This continues to be our focus today.


Daniel Mitchell

Coronavirus and the Two Americas

“Coronavirus has exposed the fault line between those who are subsidized by government and those who pay for government. The people who live off the government, either directly or indirectly, have relatively comfortable lives – all financed by the people who deal with much greater levels of hardship and uncertainty.” ~ Dan Mitchell


Phillip W. Magness

Wait, So We Now Can’t Say ‘Human Capital’?

“How a casual reference to a common and widespread conceptual tool from economics can be contorted into a conspiratorial design for malice by persons who present themselves as intellectual elites but lack familiarity with the subjects of their frenzied imaginations.” ~ Phil Magness


Richard M. Ebeling

Freedom Requires Resisting Coronavirus Pessimism

“If there is a chance to not only pull society away from the social and economic abyss towards which it is moving, but return it to a path more in the direction of personal liberty, economic freedom, and equal individual rights under partial rule of law and constitutionally limited government, it requires resisting the pessimism that all is lost and irreversible, and having the courage and willingness to try to restore the free society.” ~ Richard Ebeling


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