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Jeffrey Tucker

The 2007 Origins of Forced School Closings and Mandatory Human Separation

“If you have any doubt that the main push for the lockdown was less about therapy than models, inspired by the fantasies of a computer scientist rather than a genuine expert in viruses, a social experiment conducted with disregard for freedom and the rule of law, a wild and foolhardy central plan hatched without regard to experience or serious medical science, this email chain as passionate demand to implement the 2007 CDC blueprint is the proof.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Scott Burns

R.I.P. Richard H. Timberlake

“Timberlake provided a blueprint for future sound money scholars to conduct thorough and well-respected research on monetary theory and history.” ~ Scott Burns


Peter Boettke

Resistance Isn’t Futile, It is Necessary

“Resistance is a necessary part of democratic self-governance, and it becomes even more so at a time when all the calls are for increased centralization and the voices of the technocratic elite grow louder and stronger in insisting that such resistance is futile.” ~ Peter Boettke


Donald J. Boudreaux

Financial Markets Work Without Coercion

“Coercion is sure to diminish the positive contributions that financial markets make to the larger economy. Even worse, such coercion would violate the rights of the property owners whose voluntary choices give rise to financial markets.” ~ Donald Boudreaux


Jon Murphy

Liberalism Was Born and Grew During Centuries of Pandemics

“Liberalism, as we know it today, was formed not in recent times of peace and prosperity, but in the crucible of the 1600s and 1700s. Indeed, some authors trace liberalism’s roots all the way back to the fall of the Roman Empire.” ~ Jon Murphy


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