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Art Carden

Are You “Wasting” Paper?

“Do we really want already-stressed out people adding to their cognitive load by thinking they might be sinning against Gaia or Greta Thunberg by printing or discarding a sheet of paper? As Bryan Caplan has pointed out, ‘Recycling is the philosophy that everything is worth saving except your time.'”~ Art Carden


Aleksandra Przegalinska

What the Heck Is Bitcoin All About?

“Peter C. Earle, senior fellow at AIER joins Aleksandra Przegalinska for a conversation on the unknowns of bitcoin, crypto currency and blockchain technologies in the modern era.” ~ AIER


Robert E. Wright

Beware the Rise of Scamerica

“If only Americans would develop immunities against overreaching government! Right now, Uncle Sam is more likely to stab you in the back than to have your back. Scamerica will grift ever more fraudulently until government sheds its paternalistic mask and once again lets children be children, employers employ, innovators innovate, teachers teach, and workers work.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Ethan Yang

The Moralization of Covid-19

“Ethan Yang interviews Dr. Maja Graso, a senior lecturer at the University of Otago. Dr. Graso was the lead researcher on a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Physiology titled, “Moralization of Covid-19 health response: Asymmetry in tolerance for human costs” outlining how people’s perceptions of Covid-19 could alter their ability to make an objective cost-benefit analysis.” ~ AIER


Daniel Mitchell

Are Tax Increases Popular?

“Voters seem to be on the right side on the big-picture question of ‘Should taxes be higher?’, but if they think tax increases are going to happen, it’s quite likely that they will support the most economically damaging types of class-warfare levies.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


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