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Robert Hughes

Pandemic Pressures Unwinding in Housing

“Home construction activity was mixed in April. While fundamentals remain solid for the housing market, reverting housing preferences and rising single-family prices are likely to restrain future activity.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

Lift Your Gaze, Please: the April Inflation Overshoot is Not the Problem

“A betting man, if he wants to remain a betting man, updates his priors. So, I side with Jason Bloom at the asset manager Invesco: ‘There is so much dislocation in the economy from the reopening and base effects from a year ago that it will take at least six to 12 months before we get a clear view of the underlying inflation trend.’ I will make a different sort of prediction, though: no matter what the future holds, the Chickens will be there to squawk about it.” ~ Joakim Book


James Bovard

“Governing as Looting” in Washington and Beyond

“Automatic ticketing regimes provide a stark refutation to the illusion that governments automatically serve the people. Especially for policies shrouded in sanctimony, government agencies are almost always more wasteful or oppressive than the media portrays. How much longer will local politicians be permitted to plunder drivers and subvert safety with impunity?” ~ James Bovard


Richard M. Ebeling

Monetary Inflation’s Game of Hide-and-Seek

“Whether the CPI records a higher or a lower rate of general price inflation, the more deleterious effects resulting from monetary inflation are those relative price and wage distortions, and resource, labor and capital misallocations and misdirection, that are hidden beneath the ‘surface’ of the general price level, but nonetheless set in motion the phases and consequences of the business cycle.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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