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Robert Hughes

Inflation Fears Send Consumer Sentiment Sharply Lower in Early May

“Consumer sentiment sank in early May and is consistent with prior recessions. Inflation is a driver of weakening consumer attitudes and contributing to elevated risks. The outlook is highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes


Richard Salsman

Rent Selling Countries are More Corrupt and Less Wealthy

“The real cronies are those who demand and supply interventionism. Despite their claims, they can’t get money out of politics, or reduce corruption, because they’re so eager to inject politics into money-making.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Wenyuan Wu

Rescuing “Virtue and Talents” Amidst the War on Tests

“Perhaps the solution to our current quagmire has been hidden in plain sight the whole time—embrace standards and return to merit-based admissions. MIT gets it and more should follow.” ~ Wenyuan Wu


Joshua Hendrickson

The Federal Reserve’s Moving Target

“If persistent deviations from the Federal Reserve’s target can be costly in terms of resource misallocation, imagine the costs associated with simultaneous fluctuations in both inflation and its target for inflation.” ~ Joshua Hendrickson


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