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Max Gulker

Five Reasons We Don’t Know What the Future Will Look Like

We love to prognosticate, but it’s impossible to do so without severely glossing over the complexities of the real world. That leads us to false dichotomies, like “Blockchain technology will change everything” versus “Blockchain is all hype.”


Scott Burns

Setting Aside My (Fractional) Reservations

A decade ago, I was a fractional-reserve banking skeptic. Today, I’m all for it. Here’s why.


Alexander W. Salter

Money and the Extent of the Market

Sound money and the progress of civilization are inexorably entwined. Those who would sever this link for the perceived short-run benefits of monetary macro-management and fine-tuning should beware of the harm they court.


J.P. Koning

Pricing the Anonymity of Banknotes

Banknotes are useful. Not only do they provide their owner with a standard set of payments services, they also offer financial anonymity. How might a government price the anonymity component?


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