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Nick Zaiac

Vermont Honors Veteran Professionals with Occupational Licenses

Under a new Vermont law, members of the military who earned a certification during their service won’t have to waste time getting recertified for civilian licensed jobs.


Jeffrey Tucker

Five Reasons the Future Isn’t Here Yet

The interactions and feedback loops between invention, implementation, and full-on adoption is a fascinating process to watch. It can’t be gamed. It relies on something no one can control: the price system, human choice, resource tradeoffs, and case-by-case circumstances of time and place.


Robert Hughes

Labor-Market Outlook Remains Strong as Job Openings Surge

Total job openings in the United States rose to a record 6.550 million in March while private-sector job openings totaled 5.928 million. Overall, the data relating to the labor market continue to show strength with payrolls rising, few layoffs, rising quits, and a declining number of available workers per opening. 


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