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Robert Hughes

Recent Trends Continue in April Manufacturing-Sector Survey

“Recent trends in the manufacturing sector continued in April as demand remained robust but price pressures, labor and materials shortages, and logistical issues continue to be challenges. Recent events in Ukraine and China are compounding the difficulties.” ~ Robert Hughes


Don Parker

Public Education – The Innovation Desert That Leaves a Nation at Risk

“Real progress in the U.S. K-12 system will take broad and aggressive reforms which can only be possible after we break the hold innovation’s enemies have on the education system.” ~ Don Parker


Daniel Klein

A Better Understanding of Justice

“Adam Smith guides us on how to talk justice beyond the commutative: formulate it as either distributive or estimative, not an admixture of the two.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Robert Mulligan

Adele Spitzeder, the Queen of Confidence Tricksters

“Adele Spitzeder (1832-1895) was active in Bavaria from 1869 to 1872. She founded and operated the Dachauer Bank, which may have been the first Ponzi scheme in history.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


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