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May 1, 2021
Joakim Book

Bitcoin and a Lesson in Electricity Markets

“We should indeed be skeptical of financial fads, of everything in the Everything Bubble. And we should argue over bitcoin’s many monetary attributes – mostly because we therefore highlight how other monetary regimes work. But the environmental accusations of Bitcoin’s mining operations is like hitting your head against brick walls – not a very useful thing to do. Like the great JP Koning concluded this week, ‘It’s not the energy needs of these products that is the problem.'” ~ Joakim Book


Robert Bradley

Climate, CO2 Optimism

“Climate alarmism, never proven, is speculative—and increasingly so. Climate models are overpredicting real-world warming by half. For climate economists, lower-range anthropogenic warming flips the alleged externality from negative to positive. In any case, as leading scientist Roy Spencer concludes, ‘There is no Climate Crisis. There is no Climate Emergency.'” ~ Robert L. Bradley


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