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Benjamin Powell

United States Needs Freedom, Not Fascism

America does not need the command-and-control planning authorized under the Defense Production Act to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it needs greater deregulation to free the entrepreneurial discovery process. In short, the United States needs more economic freedom, not fascism.


Robert Hughes

U.S. Economy Declines at the Fastest Pace Since 2008

The outbreak of COVID-19 and government responses have crushed the labor market and sent economic activity plunging. Expect a tsunami of negative economic data to continue for the next few months.


Edward Stringham

“Don’t Destroy People’s Lives and Livelihoods,” says Dr. David L. Katz

I am quite pleased that we get to hear from this very accomplished doctor on the April 24, 2020 show Real Time with Bill Maher.Here are some excerpts in which he elaborates on the need for protecting the vulnerable, getting the economy open, being healthy, and helping society develop community immunity.


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