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Veronique de Rugy

Rubio with Another Call for Industrial Policy

I trust that the consumers, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and innovators who make up that system will learn important lessons from the mistakes that might have been exposed during this pandemic and fill the gaps they identify. Do I trust the government to do the same? I don’t. Sorry.


Barry Brownstein

How Fanatics Hack Our Minds (And Why We Let Them)

When we choose to see beyond the “we have no choice” mindset, limitless solutions will begin to come into view. The future of America depends, not upon bailouts or a fast-tracked vaccine, but upon individuals choosing to recover their senses.


John Tamny

Open Up and Let Free People Choose

If states are the laboratories of ideas in good times, why limit the experimentation in bad times with one-size-fits-all lockdowns?


Max Gulker

Reflections on the Economic Value of Life

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said any efforts were worth it to save just one life, it likely came from a place of human decency, but it revealed an old moral compass that in a post-industrial, post-modern medicine world no longer makes sense.


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