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COVID-19 Issue

Harwood Economic Review Spring 2020 – COVID-19 Issue


Raymond C. Niles

Why No Shortages in Canada as Compared with the U.S.?

In contrast to Canada, which has no national restrictions against price gouging, 39 American states now have stringent laws or executive orders against raising prices during emergencies.


Stephen Miller

We Would Not Be Better Off With Medicare for All

Just because people would have health insurance does not mean they would receive health care when they need it most. In countries where everyone is covered by national insurance, the shortages are just as bad as in the U.S., if not worse.


J.P. Koning

Why Relief Payments Are So Slow to Arrive

The Federal government has started sending relief funds to Americans. But, according to the New York Times editorial board, it is not doing so quickly enough. “The government has made matters worse by dawdling,” it writes.  The editorial board is right. Americans have been promised $1,200 in relief funds. But it took almost a week […]


Vincent Geloso

Disease and the Unconstrained State

If we alter the constraints and powers of political actors as a result of reasoning in an institutional vacuum, we may be giving to political actors things they wanted regardless of the crisis. In the long-run, it will come at a cost.


Bruce Yandle

Earth Day 50 Years Later

While environmental quality has been enhanced markedly, the presence of command-and-control has made the environmental journey slower and more costly than it might have been otherwise.


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