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Robert Mulligan

Trade, Debt, and Growth

“What are we getting for this unprecedented debt? Mostly, all it’s purchased for us is political leadership which can only charitably be characterized as mediocre.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


James Rooney

Illiberalism Will Not Secure the Common Good

“One does not need to be a full-on classical liberal to recognize that liberal principles, even where they lack substantive justification, may preserve correct intuitions about morality and the common good.” ~ James Dominic Rooney


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims Remain Below Pre-Pandemic Level for Eleventh Consecutive Week

“Low weekly initial claims suggest a very tight labor market and is a support for consumers. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, sustained elevated price increases, and a new Fed tightening cycle are significant risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Michael Peterson

Ideas Shaped the Words That Made the Modern World

“Once governments finally let people make their own decisions, innovation and economic growth were viewed to be in the interest of everyone. In the process, rhetoric of all degrees began to shift in favor of a liberal world.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


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