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John Tamny

The Extraordinary Naivete Of The Democrats’ Economic Planning

“The Democrats and their media enablers plainly believe that wealth just happens, that it once again exists to be taken. What else could explain the childish economic narrative created by Biden’s aides, and reported in unquestioning fashion by rather gullible reporters?” ~ John Tamny


Vincent Geloso

The Ukraine Famine of 1933 was a Government-Made Disaster

“This work of economic history is not just worth reading because of its well-executed nature. It is worth reading because it is a potent reminder of how governments can fuel some of the worst disasters in human history.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Ethan Yang

Lockdowns and the Natural Order

“The use of lockdown policies has shown us once again the dangers of overestimating the capabilities of state power and disregarding the importance of naturally occurring institutions in society. To attempt to bend these institutions with the force of lockdowns is to attempt to bend human nature itself. A task that has been failed by all who have tried before.” ~ Ethan Yang


Barry Brownstein

How Government Subsidizes Obesity

“Change begins with the willingness of individuals and families to overcome ignorance of what weakens the immunological cockpit of the human body. We can learn from those that didn’t come back from Covid. We can strengthen our immunological system by rejecting a diet of subsidized, heavily processed calories.” ~ Barry Brownstein


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