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Adam Thierer

Innovation and the Trouble with the Precautionary Principle

Policies that frown upon entrepreneurial risk-taking actively disincentivize the building of new and better things. We must remove political barriers to productive entrepreneurialism or else we will never get back to being the builders we once were.


Michael Munger

Why Politicians Focus on Trivia in the Midst of Disaster

Why would a city, short of tax money in a crisis, pay an enormous sum to disable a public space from being used by the citizens who paid for it? Because the city can do nothing about the virus.


Art Carden

Good Riddance to Recycling Trucks

I was pleasantly surprised that curbside recycling has been suspended–for explicitly environmental and epidemiological reasons. Maybe curbside recycling is gone for good, which would free up resources that would then be available to expand the kinds of operations that actually help the environment.


Robert E. Wright

The Worst Public Policy in a Century

America has implemented a lot of really bad policies since the New Deal and fought needless wars and endured long, senseless occupations of places like the Philippines and Afghanistan. But at least all those policies were vaguely constitutional. The economic lockdowns, by contrast, have turned the Constitution into a frail and worthless fabric.


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