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Todd Myers

Justifying Liberalism in Singapore

“At the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, the advocates of human liberty will need to contend with meritocratic technocracy if liberty is to be preserved. Singapore is at the frontline of that struggle.” ~ Todd Myers


Robert Hughes

Home Construction Remained Robust in March but Headwinds Are Gaining Strength

“Single-family starts and permits were off in March while multifamily rose; all remain at solid levels. Surging mortgage rates and elevated home prices are strengthening headwinds for demand while elevated commodity costs remain a challenge for homebuilder profits.” ~ Robert Hughes


Elizabeth Corey

Speaking With Generosity

“The challenge that faces us at present is to believe the truth, speak it with a generous spirit, and attempt to persuade others instead of making them our inveterate enemies.” ~ Elizabeth Corey


Michael Munger

Three Topics for Young Political Economists

“I would claim that the growth of platforms that allow peer-to-peer cooperation, and foster the low-cost commodification of excess capacity, are likely to change our relations to work, to ownership, and to each other.” ~ Michael Munger


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