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Gary Galles

More Poison from Twitter

“Taking away this valuable shareholder option without their consent is not in owners’ interests, as commonly reflected by negative stock price changes when poison pills are adopted without shareholder approval.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Robert E. Wright

What, to the Classical Liberal, Is Patriots’ Day?

“Perhaps instead of celebrating Patriots’ Day, classical liberals should learn from it by establishing parallel governance structures, alternative institutional arrangements anchored in liberty, just as our forefathers did.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Laura Williams

The Panic Reveals So Much: Elon Musk, Twitter, and the Digital Public Sphere

“The proposed buyout of Twitter – targeting the curated reality of the powerful – pushed the aggressively anti-free-expression agenda out into the light. Censorship serves the powerful, and, as Greenwald notes, ‘the panic reveals so much.'” ~ Laura Williams


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