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April 16, 2020
Jeffrey Tucker

Well, That Unraveled Quickly

The core realization we face right now is that it is not possible to stop and start an economy; nor is it possible to distinguish between essential and nonessential. The commercial society is a web in which everyone and everything is connected with everyone and everything else.


Robert Hughes

Regional Fed Manufacturing Surveys Plunge Again in April

Regional Fed manufacturing surveys show a sharp drop in business conditions for local manufacturers in the northeast as severe economic disruptions continue.


John Tamny

Don’t Plan to Reopen; Just Reopen

Freedom isn’t some feel-good, amorphous chant. It’s in fact pro-life and pro-growth simply because free people acting without forced limits show us through their successes and failures how to get by, and thrive, in life.


Barry Brownstein

The Tyranny of (Alleged) Experts

Why do we believe that the right experts somehow charge forward and demonstrate their superior expertise? There is an alternative to politicians and experts deciding when to reopen the country. Decisions made in the market, by businesses and individuals are naturally cognitively diverse.


Robert Hughes

Massive Job Losses Continue for a Fourth Week

The unprecedented economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to crush the labor market and distort economic activity.


Taleed Brown

Why Does the Once-Richest Economy in the World Have a PPE Shortage? (Video)

Protectionism with the twist of #COVIDー19 is a very toxic combination, especially in the medical supply trade. When there is a shortage of medical supplies, going out of our way to make them more expensive will hurt people.


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