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Gary Galles

Suffering from Sunk Costs

“Understanding how to understand and apply sunk costs is important in many ways. And one of those ways is to recognize that when we make a mistake in such efforts, we can’t retroactively fix those mistakes, but we can use them to learn better.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Laura Williams

Inflation and the Meaning of Anything

“With the real actors and mechanisms of inflation hidden from public view by language, those who truly fuel it are free to carry on the same policies in relative obscurity and little-noted infamy.” ~ Laura Williams


Elizabeth Kaufer Busch

A Tale of Two Statutes

“In the end, Title IX has always had two faces. Either it is a law with content to be respected, or it is a blank slate whose meaning is in the eye of the beholder.” ~ Elizabeth Kaufer Busch


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