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Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Improves Slightly, Remains Near Neutral

“AIER’s Leading Indicators Index partially rebounded in March, posting an 8-point rise following a 17-point drop in February. Rapidly rising prices, a new Fed tightening cycle, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are boosting uncertainty. Expect continued volatility for the AIER business cycle indicators over coming months. Caution is warranted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Clifford Thies

Cold War Music: A Top Ten List

“With the Fall of the Berlin Wall, we were neither red nor dead. Instead, we were alive and free, and poised – with the revolution in development economics of the 1990s – for the greatest advance in history in the global standard of living.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Robert Mulligan

Windfall Profits Tax Redux

“Government intervention like windfall profits taxes keeps market participants, both producers and consumers, from acting to moderate extreme price changes on either the supply or the demand sides. It’s a proven strategy for making a bad situation worse.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Alexander W. Salter

The Everyman’s Economics Book We’ve Been Waiting For

“Economics is indeed universal: While it might not say everything about something, it says something about everything. Thanks to Hennessey, many more people will know it.” ~ Alexander William Salter


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