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April 3, 2021
Peter C. Earle

India’s Impending War on Crypto

“Indian citizens have embraced cryptocurrencies in astonishing numbers, and despite the government’s best efforts to suppress the crypto economy, history would indicate that it’s a futile endeavor. By trying to ban them, the case for cryptocurrencies is made all the more clear, propelling their use and further innovation. The cryptocat is out, irrevocably so, of the bag.” ~ Peter C. Earle

Jeffrey Tucker

Disease Is the Newest Excuse for Segregation

“The answer is not fear, not segregation, not lockdowns, not the imposition of medieval rules and castes. The answer is freedom and human rights. Somehow those institutions served us well over many hundreds of years, during which time the human population has mixed ever more, and has grown ever healthier with longer lives. The segregationist path will doom us all.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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