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John Tamny

Everyone Has a Human Right to Work

The Trump base wants to work. And likely needs to. The Trump administration should go out of its way to legalize the right to work so that desperate service employees and workers in general at least have the chance to fix their devastated situations.


Kevin Dowd

We Don’t Yet Live in a Police State. Or Perhaps We Do.

Government advice is just that, good or bad and I grant that it is mostly sensible. But it is not for the police to misinterpret the law as they see fit or to enforce government advice.


Jeffrey Tucker

You Are Conserving Toilet Paper, Aren’t You?

Never take toilet paper for granted again. Never take anything for granted again. Let’s come out of this with a new appreciation for the astonishingly productive power and humanitarianism of markets.


Robert Hughes

Manufacturing-Sector Contracts in March; Recession Probability Rising

The ISM PMI dropped below neutral in March suggesting a contraction in manufacturing and rising probability of recession.


Art Carden

The Creation of a Surveillance-and-Snitching Society

We muddy the message when we don’t let prices change, and we tear the ties that bind us together when we create a snitching society.


Phillip W. Magness

Socialism Under the Cover of Pandemic

Writing for the New York Times, Saez and Zucman use the occasion of the coronavirus’s economic disruptions to argue for the immediate adoption of a massive public jobs security program, accompanied by sweeping and punitive forms of taxation upon corporations and the wealthy.


George Selgin

When the Fed Tried to Save Main Street

Any day now, the Federal Reserve will start making loans to small and
medium-sized businesses, breaking new ground with its Section 13(3)
lending authority. Yet this won’t be the first time the Fed set its sights on Main Street businesses.


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