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Jeffrey Tucker

Why Is Everyone in Texas Not Dying?

“Now we can see the failure in black, white, and full color, daily appearing on our screens courtesy of the CDC. Has that shaken the pro-lockdown pundit class? Not that much. What an amazing testament to the stubbornness of elite opinion and its bias against basic freedoms. They might all echo the words of Groucho Marx: ‘Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?'” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Vaccinations and Stimulus Boost Consumer Sentiment As Impatience Also Rises

“Consumer sentiment rose in March, driven by vaccine distribution and stimulus benefits while impatience with lockdowns has also risen. Recent data suggest an improving outlook.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

Where New Zealand Goes, the World Goes

“In the 1990s New Zealand pioneered inflation targeting, an approach that every major country followed for the next three decades. In a few years we might look back at this fleeting Kiwi attempt at incorporating asset markets into monetary policy with the same admiring eyes that we now see their move to inflation targeting. Where New Zealand goes, the world tends to follow.” ~ Joakim Book


Robert E. Wright

The Presidents of Paine

“America suffers hyper-partisanship even in its courts of law. If Paine still exists on some spiritual plain, he certainly feels the pain of his adopted homeland as it struggles to revivify its founding principles and regain independence from King Woke.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Clifford Thies

The Alphabet Soup of Recessions

“Even if the economy is reopened, will small business be able to compete with enhanced unemployment benefits? And, what about their stack of IOUs from renters who are protected from eviction for the duration, and the decriminalization of shoplifting and the right kind of rioting? And, so, our outlook may be for an O-shaped economy; that is, an economy with an empty middle.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


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