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Edward Stringham

AIER 2020 Annual Report

“Our 2020 Annual Report shows success all around. Keep in mind, however, that the beautiful pictures and astonishing data on AIER’s influence mask something very important. It was a year of unprecedented challenge.”
~Edward P. Stringham, Ph.D


Ethan Yang

The 6-Foot Mandate Was Bad Science

“The CDC along with overprotective public health experts have always had a long list of absurd and unrealistic recommendations for society. In the age of Covid-19, we finally gave them the keys to control and now we have seen firsthand the dystopia they would create. It is important that we establish this fact and learn this lesson, because those who intend to write history may see things differently.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Fell in February

“Despite a drop in February, the single-family housing market remains a bright spot for the economy, supported by low interest rates and strong demand, but headwinds may be forming.” – Robert Hughes


Phillip W. Magness

The Many Variants of Fauci’s Mutating Covid Advice

“Although reinfection from new strains continues to be an avenue of research and investigation, the evidence we currently have suggests it remains uncommon. That hasn’t stopped America’s ‘leading infectious disease authority’ from indulging in wildly irresponsible speculation from a national stage though, invariably appealing to alarmism as a pretext for continuing the same failed lockdown policies he has been peddling for over a year now.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Mischief of “Pecuniary Externalities”

“Perhaps my long discourse on ‘pecuniary externalities’ strikes the reader as ponderous or even pointless. Ponderous it probably is, but pointless it is not. If the above reality were more widely understood, many fewer people would complain about foreigners using their exports as a means of ‘stealing our jobs.'” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Art Carden

Hard Work Isn’t Enough. You Have to Work Hard on the Right Things.

“Markets make the costs and benefits very explicit, and while we see through a glass darkly by participating in the market process, it is better than seeing nothing at all. The market might be Plato’s cave, but the nonmarket alternative is not perfect light but perfect darkness.” ~ Art Carden


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