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William J. Luther

Good Reasons to Doubt the Estimate of COVID-19 Deaths

Many popular accounts mistake an implausible upper-bound estimate for the most likely outcome. The underlying study actually suggests the number of deaths will be much lower.


Edward Stringham

The Economy Could Indeed Roar Back (Video)

If we come out of this, it will be due to markets. FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto hosted me and tax attorney Rebecca Walser to discuss how crucial it is for the financial markets to remain open and how the government shutdown will affect small businesses.


Housing starts
Robert Hughes

Falling Mortgage Rates May Support Housing Activity…Eventually

Near-record low mortgage rates may provide some support for housing activity eventually. However, disruptions from COVID-19 are likely to dominate economic activity for March and the second quarter.


John Tamny

If You Bail Out Everyone, You Bail Out No One

It’s sad any of this needs to be said or written, but it cannot be stressed enough that government outlays are a consequence of growth that’s already taken place. The federal budget in the U.S. is the largest in the world, and the U.S. Treasury can borrow trillions more, precisely because Congress and Treasury are backed […]


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