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Robert Hughes

Household Net Worth Hits a Record While Corporate Balance Sheets Improve

“Rising equity market values and surging home prices lifted aggregate household net worth to a new record in the final quarter of 2021 but is likely to suffer a setback in the first quarter of 2022 as equity prices plunge due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” – Robert Hughes


David Waugh

New Research Rejects Piketty and Saez’s Rewrite of Economic History

“This development is significant because prominent policymakers rely on Piketty and Saez’s research to justify tax increases. These revisions must be taken into account by policymakers seeking to reduce inequality via tax policy.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & David Waugh


George Leef

Cancel Culture Goes to Law School

“Apparently the people in charge are more afraid of offending the BLSA than of losing a court battle. That speaks volumes about the weakness in university leadership these days.” ~ George Leef


Jon Sanders

Mr. Employer, Tear Down These Masks

“A ‘return to normal’ requires abandoning all aspects of the ‘new normal’ and asserting a real normal. At long last governments are dropping mask mandates. Holdout employers must do the same.” ~ Jon Sanders


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