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Adam Thierer

How the US Botched Coronavirus Testing

Highly restrictive procedures for virus testing have had the unintended consequence of shutting down tests that could detect outbreaks and save lives. Going by the book apparently mattered more than getting good results.


AIER - Americab Institute for Economic Research
Edward Stringham

Special Note from Edward Stringham

The good news is that this problem will pass in time, but a sound strategy right now, in addition to individual caution, is to free the markets to make the world economy less vulnerable to shocks such as this one.


Brett Dalton

Coronavirus and a Case for Optimism

With coronavirus fears accelerating and nations and organizations across the world grappling with how best to contain and mitigate the harm, it becomes increasingly difficult to be optimistic about the immediate future. What are the prospects for the American public and for the 2020 economy? Will we see a sharp and extended increase in sickness […]


Peter C. Earle

South Korea Preserved the Open Society and Now Infection Rates are Falling

What’s the better for dealing with pandemic disease: martial-law quarantines imposed by the state or keeping society open while trusting individuals, families, and communities to make intelligent decisions?


Stephen Davies

Be Alarmed, But Don’t Panic

If we realise what the real risks are and take effective action that makes use of the advantages we have compared to our ancestors then we can survive a major pandemic. If we panic, however, and do things that seem to make sense but actually make the economic and social effects worse, then the prospects are bad.


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