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March 11, 2021
Robert Hughes

Private Job Openings Increase to the Highest Level in a Year

“Job openings rose in January, adding to the recent run of improved labor market data. Continued reduction and eventual elimination of lockdown rules is boosting the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Fall While Continuing Claims Rise

“Initial claims fell in the latest week, but continuing claims rose and both remain range bound. However, vaccine distribution and easing restrictions suggest an improving outlook.” – Robert Hughes

Jeffrey Tucker

The Lego Movie Isn’t Really about Freedom

“I might be wrong that The Lego Movie portends a future of one generation of planners replacing another. Maybe it is just a fun cartoon after all. Still, the idea of master builders battling each other over what to make out of the pieces is a chilling one. If you watch it again, just remember that we are the pieces and we are not in charge. Then the movie takes on a completely different caste.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

Robert E. Wright

Politicized Name Calling and the Dehumanization of Difference

“The election of 2020 caused a big ruckus for nothing. We went into the election with a mean, old elephantine POTUS and came out of it with a mean, old asinine one. Both espouse policies that are, frankly, rather Australopithecine in nature.” ~ Robert E. Wright

Vincent Geloso

Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich’s Second Bet

“It is easy to remember Simon as a cheerful optimist whose view can be summarized as ‘more people, more innovations, more value created, more abilities to deal with environmental problems.’ But, in reality, Simon was a much deeper thinker who connected markets and economic growth to solving environmental problems through institutions. It is worth remembering how rich his outlook was.” ~ Vincent Geloso

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