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Jeffrey Tucker

The Collapse of Trust in Public Health

“The longer lockdown policies last – in practice especially but also when defended by public health authorities – the more that elites in government and media risk a devastating loss of credibility. The rebuilding of reputation might prove impossible for at least a generation or two.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Donald J. Boudreaux

Long Past Time to Break Silence on this Tyranny

“My failure to understand isn’t a sufficient warrant for me to criticize those who remain silent. I will respect their choices. Showing such respect is what Leonard Read would have done. It’s what my ever-wise Friend does and will always do. The liberalism destroyed by hygiene socialism need not have added to it the liberalism destroyed by liberals’ own intolerance.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Ethan Yang

The Assault On Our Right To Earn A Living

“Economic freedom allows us to do everything from building awesome financial systems capable of moving billions of dollars to intimate cultural experiences such as purchasing home-cooked meals from a local restaurant. The assault on our right to earn a living began over a hundred years ago and has now become the accepted reality today. It is fundamentally rooted in a vision of the world that is not only ignorant of sound economics but lacks the moral sensibility to recognize the humanity of work.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert E. Wright

Another Bungled CDC Study on Restaurants and Masks

“The CDC is now citing a new study that shows that Covid ‘case’ and death rates were lower in US counties with mask mandates and higher where on-site dining was allowed. The study is flawed because it doesn’t account for seasonality, position along the epi curve, the age or morbidity structure of the population, or lots of other things.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Art Carden

Concerned About Amazon Workers? Here’s How To Really Help Them

“Everyone wants to help other people—or at least, everyone should. The solution isn’t in collective bargaining, however. It’s in better options, better tools, and better ideas. So let’s have more of those.” ~ Art Carden


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