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Robert Hughes

February Jobs Report Raises Questions

U.S. nonfarm payrolls added just 20,000 jobs in February, the smallest monthly gain since September 2017. Combined with other recent disappointing economic data, the report raises concerns about the durability of the economic expansion.


Chloe Anagnos

Let the Market, Not Government, Provide Broadband to Rural Citizens

Still, there’s absolutely no need for the government to pretend it has the duty to provide this service. As a matter of fact, it is the very roadblocks imposed by local governments that make it difficult for companies to have a greater presence in remote areas.


Max Gulker

The Job Guarantee Strikes Back

Economist John Miller of Wheaton College wrote a sharp critique this week of my work on the job guarantee. I was pleased to see it. In nearly five months, Miller is the first economist on the left to respond on the basis of economics rather than retreating to blanket declarations that job-guarantee opponents are either nefarious or uninformed.


Vincent Geloso

Economists Should First Do No Harm

We ought to attack the true root cause of inequality — that is, rent-seeking. This is far more productive than redistributing the rents that the rent-seekers captured.


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